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Valuation Services

Funds, family offices, and like investment vehicles provide tremendous value to their clients and investors by leveraging skills, contacts, and deal transaction expertise. However, they present unique and direct risks requiring expert risk management. For investors, there is nothing more important than accurate, transparent, and timely information. In a world of changing variables and uncertainties, investment values can change quickly. Many times, valuations can suggest new strategies that provide opportunities for investment improvement.

BPA has deep experience in all types of assets, risk tolerances and business models. We address complex issues and provide reasoned, accurate responses, using statistical and analytical tools coupled with years of in depth experience to value loan portfolios, individual assets and other complex financial instruments. Our valuation approaches offer clients strategies to reduce risk and maximize opportunities.

BPA employs several approaches to valuation. The specific methodology used is determined by the type of asset, servicing, demographics, macro-economic conditions, regulatory impact and other factors. There is no “one size fits all” approach with valuations, which is why BPA is a preferred source for independent valuations.

Various types of underlying assets, including consumer and commercial loans, receivables, real estate, complex financial instruments and fixed assets can be modeled and valued profit. Valuation results can also increase confidence in business decisions and ensure issues are addressed proactively to provide enhanced results. BPA analytics and tools generate accurate results and are used in strategic planning as well as litigation and disputes.

BPA has been engaged to value portfolios of all types:

  • Real estate property portfolios to maximize returns while minimizing risk exposure to improve profitability or capital efficiency
  • Illiquid assets (Level 3) needing fair market value determination for financial reporting
  • As an independent third party to value, verify or validate asset/servicing valuations
  • Improved decision making and enhancing business results for acquisitions and dispositions of assets
  • Support for litigation cases where experts are needed
  • Support for regulatory compliance

Valuations have been performed on many asset types including:

  • Residential real estate
  • Commercial real estate
  • Real estate leases
  • Auto loans
  • Credit card portfolios
  • Equipment leases

  • Sub-prime consumer loans
  • Student loans
  • Merchant advances
  • Art finance
  • Aircraft loans
  • Healthcare receivables

Service Offerings:

    • BPA performs fair market valuations for traded loan and securities portfolios as well as illiquid Level 3 assets requiring independent valuations
    • BPA has developed methodologies that can improve profitability and highly effective deployment of capital. By effectively valuing individual investments in real estate loans, properties, single family rentals or leases clients can maximize returns and be confident they are deploying capital in the most efficient manner while reducing inventory risk
    • Our broad range of portfolio expertise gives us the ability to quickly analyze and accurately assess servicer performance and servicing portfolios. Results can be used to improve servicing results, support servicing settlements, or servicing sales

    • Having worked with numerous servicers, and provided expert witness testimony regarding servicing performance and practices, BPA understands the value of a serviced portfolio depends on multiple factors including the type and quality of the loans and that the competency of the servicer can significantly impact performance