Thomas Glanfield
President & CEO

Boston Portfolio Advisors
600 Corporate Drive, Suite 502
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334
T: 954-832-3556

Thomas Glanfield

Thomas Glanfield, President and CEO, joined Boston Portfolio Advisors after retiring from Ernst & Young as a Partner in its industry leading Structured Finance business. He has over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry serving banking, insurance, hedge fund and other capital markets clients in the corporate finance and structured finance industry and has worked with issuers, bankers, servicers, and investors on all aspects of risk and portfolio management.

Tom has led the continued growth of BPA into new client markets and developing new value added services in many asset classes such as the mortgage, student loan, subprime loan, and alternative asset segments, and marketplace lending. This development leveraged the use of high performance analytics, database technologies, risk management techniques, and portfolio management processes to produce strong results for BPA clients. These tools have allowed the company to reduce clients’ overall cost of owning loans, optimizing performance and managing risk in more comprehensive ways.

Prior to joining Ernst & Young, Mr. Glanfield was a Managing Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers where he was responsible for all aspects of the Structured Finance Group including services, client relationships, resource hiring and development, and financial performance. Prior to his consulting career, he was a banker with meaningful experience in structured finance, consumer finance and corporate finance. His prior employment included establishing the Asset Securitization Group at CIBC growing it to over $10 billion in managed assets. At Citigroup, he was a Vice President where he served as structured finance banker and purchased consumer and commercial portfolios for the bank. He also was the Executive Vice President of a major credit card company responsible for sales, acquisitions, marketing, and product development. Mr. Glanfield also served in a corporate and consumer banking roles with the Chase Manhattan Bank.

Mr. Glanfield has developed numerous solutions by leveraging the use large quantities of data to influence outcomes favorably for his clients. He has developed the highly effective analytical tools and processes that maximize the value of loan portfolios. This use of “big data” has been applied to advisory services all asset classes of the financial services industry including residential mortgages, home equity loans, credit cards, auto loans, equipment loans, future flows, and trade receivables among others. Coupling these analytical tools with operational excellence has been his focus in recent years.

Selected Credentials

  • Portfolio Management – BPA managed mortgage and student loan portfolios valued at over
    $3.0 billion throughout all aspects of the loan lifecycle, including high risk loans of over $1.5 billion creating enhanced value for the investors
  • Transaction Underwriting – monitored and assessed the underwriting and /or re-underwriting
    process for over 200 transactions that were financings, securtizations, and whole loan

  • Expert Witness – acted as expert in litigation cases assessing the client valuation, servicing and
    underwriting processes, preparing written reports and was deposed

  • Risk Management – Evaluated portfolio performance and behavior on numerous portfolios
    across many asset classes including mortgage, student loan, auto loan, and equipment lease
    among others for underwriting effectiveness, payment performance, risk-based pricing and
    collection patterns

  • Loan Servicing Operations – Reviewed and evaluated over 50 servicers in the student loan,
    mortgage, credit card, and auto business and assessed underwriting and servicing performance
    and capabilities

  • Valuation – Conducted valuation projects for all types of consumer loan and mortgage
    portfolios, plus numerous unusual Level 3 assets by providing independent cash flow
    calculations and developing assumptions

  • Risk Monitoring – Developed and implemented new approaches to identify, monitor and
    manage the financial, fraud detection and operating risks, including a methodology that
    identifies the leading indicators of potential credit and servicing problems
  • Quantitative Analysis – Managed over 100 valuation assignments from banks, lenders, and
    other consumer finance companies and provided recommendations for improvement or sale.

Education and Industry Involvement

Mr. Glanfield has published numerous articles in various industry publications on data management and analytics, structured finance, the role of securitization in the capital structure, and credit risk. He is also a frequent speaker at conferences on structured finance strategies, due diligence, and risk management and has previously served on the MasterCard Board of Advisors and the Florida Atlantic University College of Business Board. Today, he serves on FAU’s Information Technology department advisory board and is a trustee for his town’s pension system. Mr. Glanfield has a B.A. in Business and an M.B.A. in Finance from Rutgers University.