Scott Calahan
Chairman & Founder

Scott Calahan

Scott Calahan is the Chairman of Boston Portfolio Advisors, which he founded in 1979. He is also Chairman of the TERI Plan Trust, which was the largest private student loan guarantor in the US.

He has significant experience and expertise with all types of loan, lease, and receivable portfolios from many sectors including residential mortgage, multifamily and commercial mortgage, autos and motorcycles, student loans, and unsecured loans. He has significant sub-prime, distressed, and charged-off asset experience in each of these sectors, and work with them in the context of whole loan portfolios, securitizations, and marketplace lending. He has consulted for banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, and government agencies and performed managing assets, due diligence reviews, servicing reviews, valuation, and asset sales, many of which were in distressed situations.

His structured finance experience spans many different asset classes, focusing on post-closing surveillance, reporting and waterfall accuracy, servicing effectiveness, resolution of disputes, rep and warrant analysis and put-backs, and asset management of securitization residuals. He has worked on or evaluated the performance of over 1,500 separate residential mortgage securitizations and managed the improvement and sale of over 150 securitization residuals. He has deep experience with auto, equipment, and student loan securitizations, and dozens of asset- based lending facilities – many with unusual underlying assets.

His expert witness experience includes expert reports, deposition and testimony experience in litigation, settlements, and liquidation of bankruptcy estates – in federal and state courts, US Bankruptcy Court, and US Tax Court.

Selected Credentials

  • Consumer and Structured Finance – Experienced executive in consumer and structured finance with deep expertise in most asset types across a wide range of services
  • Workout Manager – Mortgage finance, auto finance, and student loan portfolios and securitization residuals
  • Expert Witness and Litigation Support – Expert witness work and testimony in large, complex mortgage securitization, CDO, and student loan portfolio situations
  • Bankruptcy Estates – Chapter 11, Chapter 7, and liquidating trust experience as asset manager, valuation expert, testifying expert, and Board Chairman / Board member
  • Valuation – Valuation of illiquid and distressed assets in US, Latin America, and Europe
  • Independent Board of Directors member

Education and Industry Involvement

Mr. Calahan is co-author of Sub-Prime Consumer Lending and Direct Costing For Life Insurance Company Operations, has authored numerous industry articles and is a frequent speaker for national trade associations. He is the Director of several privately held companies and member of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Compensation and Finance Committees, Treasurer, Copenhagen Consensus Center USA. He is also a Senior International Adviser for Global Communicators.

Mr. Calahan earned his B.S. in Finance from Pennsylvania State University and his M.B.A from University of Pittsburgh. He also completed Ph.D studies in Operations Research at Case Western Reserve University.