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Portfolio & Asset Management

As active managers, BPA actively manages loan, receivables, and securitization portfolio assets using advanced analytics, monitoring tools and metrics to:

  • Optimize financial returns to investors
  • Achieve increased asset performance
  • Reduce portfolio risk
  • Enhance potential sale values

Whether as an interim or a permanent outsourcing solution, BPA provides the experience and skill to support our clients’ asset management requirements. Steeped in operational, capital markets, and risk management expertise, BPA currently manages portfolios in excess of $3 billion for a variety of organizations with unique asset management needs.


    • Ensure collection of all receivables due such as servicer, prepayments, penalty fees, advances, and borrower monthly payments
    • Develop and validate securitization cash flows
    • Value securitization residuals and I/O strips
    • Determine loan and insurance premium pricing
    • Determine best execution for buying or selling assets as appropriate
    • Underwrite and approve new loans
    • Master servicing of direct loan servicers
    • Monitor and evaluate servicer performance and data reporting
    • Perform loan portfolio stratification and determine best execution to optimize financial returns
    • Supervise third parties as needed
    • Develop and manage workout solutions and strategies
    • Provide tracking and reporting systems to independently monitor activity and performance
    • Prepare surveillance reports that compare actual to projected asset performance
    • Perform monthly cash flow analysis
    • Identify potential assets for purchase or sale
    • Manage the sale and negotiation process
    • Provide deal closing support
    • Value each loan to ensure optimal pricing