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Due Diligence & Monitoring

BPA provides due diligence services for all types of assets and a variety of purchasers, both at the time of purchase and for ongoing monitoring. As a full-service consulting firm, our thoroughness and experience in “looking beyond the numbers” provides quick and efficient identification of potential discrepancies or problems and yields a highly accurate loan portfolio picture. BPA performs due diligence on all types of portfolios including loan, lease, receivables, and servicing portfolios. BPA customizes its services to optimize client investment goals with effective due diligence strategies.

With the recent years of low interest rates, many clients have sought higher yields, which have come with an increased risk, and many have now found also may bring negative consequences. BPA has consulted over $13 billion of assets across various asset types and $3 billion of distressed and defaulted assets since the 2008 recession for which have produced significant results for these clients. BPA’s monitor and surveillance helps to mitigate those risks.

Comprehensive Process

BPA’s experienced professionals work with clients to thoroughly and quickly determine specific needs and objectives, then develops a work plan to meet specific goals. BPA performs in-depth organization assessments, loan file reviews and analyzes data from all angles to convert raw data into usable information. Our experienced professionals are trained to recognize subtle problems or discrepancies.

Creating Actions Steps from Usable Information Analyzing Raw Data.

BPA’s reports transform data into usable information which can be executed upon — we provide real analysis and recommendations in our detailed narratives, which are supported by comprehensive loan reports and summary information. For example, BPA will comment on credit quality, portfolio risks, serviceability, enforceability, loans of special concern, and whether any specific loans should be dropped from the pool and why. BPA’s analysis and review results provide clients with detailed information to understand exactly what it is buying and the associated risk.

Service Offerings:

    • Modeling cash flow and valuing securitized assets
    • Rep and warranty repurchase reviews
    • Ongoing portfolio surveillance
    • Sample selection (statistical, random, adverse)
    • Origination review to assess guideline compliance
    • Ratio recalculation (LTV, CLTV, DTI, payment shock)
    • Asset analysis to confirm cash requirements and reserves meet guidelines
    • Credit score and credit history evaluation
    • Exams including employment, income, assets and occupancy
    • Data integrity check from third party vendors to validate critical data
    • Identify unusual refinances (e.g., delinquent loans are refinanced to cover up their true status)
    • Fraud review
    • Assess “arm’s length” transactions and investigate ongoing patterns that are indicative of improper or fraudulent activity
    • Operations review to determine where the loans were originated, how well they are being serviced, and how well the operations are controlled
    • Perform appraisal review to assess reasonability of comparables and net and gross adjustments
    • Automated Value Model (AVM) can be efficiently generated using computer models to screen for risk factors and set value at a specific point in time
    • Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO) is prepared by a real estate professional to establish current or retroactive property value
    • Appraisal is prepared by a licensed appraiser to validate current property value
    • Desk Review appraisal analysis reviews for inconsistencies and potential risk using the information and data provided in the appraisal
    • Mortgage instruments, riders and assignments
    • Notes and riders
    • Modification agreements
    • HUD-1 settlement statements
    • Mortgage insurance certificate or mortgage guaranty certificate
    • Assignment and endorsement chains
    • Title binder or final title insurance policy
    • Loan payment history
    • Borrower contact history and loss mitigation efforts
    • Valuation update
    • Re-performance assessment
    • Liquidation strategy assessment
    • Legal action review (BK, FC, eviction, title, litigation)
    • Escrow advances
    • Disposition assessment
    • Static pool analysis to determine true losses and prepayments