For-Profit School Receivable Collections


  • A publicly traded for-profit school was having difficulty keeping up with the administrative functions necessary to manage its nearly 200,000 delinquent student accounts which represented approximately $400 million of tuition receivables

  • The school had limited resources to handle the large volume of student accounts and the previous third-party collection agencies that were hired to collect on the receivables

Our Role

    Recognizing its inability to keep up with the workload, the school hired BPA to help organize, manage, and ultimately improve the performance of the portfolio

    The first phase of the project involved a detailed cleanup effort to ensure the validity and accuracy of each account including:

    • Aggregating all the student data from the school and the third-party collection agencies including balances, statuses, and historical payment histories
    • Match accounts with campuses and borrowers and reconcile the data to ensure accounts placed with collection agencies are accurate.

    Once the portfolio was fully reconciled for accuracy, BPA began working on improving the recovery performance which included:

    • Creating a champion-challenger program where accounts were recalled from under-performing agencies and directed to the best performing agencies
    • Bringing new agencies onto the portfolio to compete with the legacy agencies which BPA inherited when it took over management
    • Managed agencies to discuss opportunities or challenges and update them on their performance relative to the other agencies


    Gross recoveries increased over 100% in the first year compared to recoveries from the school’s management of its own portfolio

    Account accuracy improved as BPA loaded all third-party data onto its proprietary database and updated all accounts regularly

    School resources were freed up to focus on other priorities


For additional information, please contact:

Mark Mousseau
at 954-832-3562