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Analytics and Performance Enhancement

The process of leveraging Data to create Information that ultimately is transformed into Action Steps is a low cost method to improving business performance, regardless of the business. Many companies frequently “crunch” numbers, but the key is to be able to execute on the information. BPA’s value proposition is that we link data into the information and implement the actions steps.

BPA has been using data for years to create portfolio advantages for its clients, from lowering delinquencies and avoiding defaults to increasing revenue. Our valuation process uses all types of data to provide for improved decision making on assets and business strategy. Analytics for the sake of analysis is of little value until it has been harnessed to create execution steps – BPA focuses on execution.

BPA has used this process for years on over 500,000 accounts and $3 billion of assets to manage its clients’ portfolios and to optimize performance. During this time, BPA has improved performance and profitability on every engagement we have managed, some by more than 80% improvement.

There is no “silver bullet” to profit improvement, simply hard work and knowing how to identify where the opportunities are. Unlocking value has only two simple requirements – historical information and a willing and capable management team to implement and execute. The key initiatives in the process include:

  • Assess what the data tells us – use data driven statistical and predictive analysis to establish the business intelligence using trends, explain unexplainable events and performance among many other detectable viewpoints
  • Link profitability factors – identify individual components of expenses and revenue that drive profitability, segment them and run multiple scenario analyses and pinpoint areas of opportunity
  • Opportunity evaluations – prioritize by value to the enterprise in assess degree of implementation effort, and evaluate risks to success – then execute the implementation in controlled environment with measurements and metrics to assure operational excellence

The process works across many objectives which may include reasons such as:

  • Optimize competing opportunities and limited capital
  • Reduce fixed costs
  • Optimizing personnel deployment that deal directly with consumers
  • Objective to improve operating effectiveness
  • Need to prioritize competing resource requirements
  • Desire to increase profitability
  • Revitalize underperforming business units

Some companies that BPA has helped with significant profit improvement include:

  • Collection agencies
  • Mortgage companies
  • Property leasing companies
  • Career schools
  • Hedge funds
  • Litigation law firms

Sample Engagements:

Recovery on defaulted loans for collections agencies with student loans, marketplace loans, merchant advances:

  • Increase recoveries using advanced analytics by prioritizing accounts based on net present value
  • Optimize expense base by matching the right account with the right effort
  • Deepen portfolio penetration cost effectively
  • Increase payer base

Non-Performing Mortgage Loan Portfolio
Identifying segments of higher exit value loans/ properties based on predicted outcomes/values, projected home price, etc. Identifying target “Buy Boxes” for improved returns, or undesirable assets for faster liquidations.

Single Family Portfolio Valuation and Capital Efficiency
Effectively segment and value investments in real estate loans, properties, single family rentals or leases to maximize returns and ensure efficient capital deployment while reducing inventory risk.